Versatile Blogger Award

Thanks so much to Diotima’s Ladder for nominating me for the “Versatile Blogger Award.” I really appreciate it.

I cannot think of 15 blogs to nominate as I tend not to have the time to follow a ton of blogs. But here is a selection of blogs that I really appreciate that I would like to nominate for the “Versatile Blogger Award.”

1. Diotima’s Ladder

2. ausomeawstin

3. Dark Ecologies

4. The Renaissance Mathematicus

5. SelfAwarePatterns

6. bloggingisaresponsibility


Now, here are 7 facts about me. I am afraid they are not all that interesting.
1. Johan is not my real name; I just like the sound of it.
2. I have a very dark sense of humour, and have shocked people with it as I tend to come across as very quiet and reserved.
3. I really enjoy cooking without a recipe. There is just something exhilarating about trying to build a dish spontaneously.
4. I am a total music nerd. I can talk with people for many hours, about the distinctions between first and second wave Detroit Techno, as well as the changing sound of the modern post-metal scene. 😛
5. I am a craft beer aficionado. I even have a checklist of all of the styles of beer that currently exist. Out of 104 styles there are only 18 that I have left to try.
6. I meditate on a daily basis, and enjoy it.
7. I am very interested in the history of religion, despite the fact that I am not religious.


2 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. I like the name Johan too! I’ve never thought about giving myself a new name, but if I did, it wouldn’t be anything like “Tina”, that’s for sure. When I hear the my name, I think of a bimbo on an 80’s sitcom. Truth is, I was named after an actress on Gilligan’s island. Way to go, dad. (I think he had the hots for this actress and my mom went with it since it was one of the few names she could pronounce.)

    Have you noticed that a lot of bloggers tend to describe themselves as reserved? I’m beginning to wonder if there’s a connection.

    Might be cool to post your beer list sometime? I’m definitely not an aficionado, but I do love beer. Do you make your own? I thought about doing that, but then I realized I have enough time-consuming hobbies.

    • Thanks. It is a nice Scandinavian/Germanic name.

      Haha. It is interesting how parents choose names. I am pretty sure that I am actually named after a famous Scottish soccer player.

      I have noticed that many bloggers view themselves as reserved. The one connection could be that blogging allows people to fully form their thoughts before expressing them. I know that I am much better at written communication, than verbal communication as I need time to fully formulate my thoughts. And the fact that I need this time to formulate my thoughts probably makes me more reserved.

      I could certainly post the beer list at sometime. I would not have to reformat it to make it more presentable though.

      I do not make my own beer for the same reasons as you. I barely feel like I have enough time to keep up with this blog, music and friends so while making my own would be interesting I have not taken it up as of yet.

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